I've decided to try out Markus Petrux's akismet module, and as such I've opened up anonymous commenting. Let's see if it works.


Do dooooooooooo be do be.

Hi I am a real reader that also dislikes spam, I also don't gamble much so I don't care about poker. I am married so I don't care much about "enhancement" products either.

As you can see I am pushing the edge on spam terms...

Thanks for the great work you do on Drupal..

Not sure if I should be happy this didn't get set as spam or not.

I was just testing the akismet module ... I had not heard of it before..

I have played with the views module and think it is very cool. Thanks again for your work on Drupal..

Where's your wish list page? Your views module has made you quite popular and there are some people who would like to say "thank you", possibly with Amazon stuff.

Second time I've been asked that. Unless you're the same asker. Hard to tell. =)

As I told the last person: I'll work on one.

your html filter looks pretty generous. Images can be used for devious things, for example. Anonymous users really don't need inline tags, either, do they?

It upsets me a great deal that I'm not considered a true donut.

While the true donut will bring everlasting flab, the false donut will bring only crest.

Really. Or maybe not. I need to test Akismet as well. Part of the problem is that spammers hammer on your server regardless.

But anonymous comments without the ability to enter in email and/or name at all?

The preview button is annoying...

-- BM

Didn't think too much about the settings. I changed that.

Preview is an extra spam deterrent. Not much of one, I know.

Taking your lead, I installed it on my site as well. So far, I'm really liking it a lot. It does have a higher false positive ratio than I'd like, but I'm assuming that will drop as the service "learns" from submissions.

I wrote a bit of a review on Akismet for Drupal myself: http://devbee.com/akismet_howto

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