First, as of the time of this writing the chipin is JUST shy of $7,500. Thanks to everyone who has contributed! This is a fantastic amount of money in a short time, but there's going to be a long way to go! Of course, I don't expect the chipin to be all of the funding, but for right now it's what we have. So please, help me spread this around!

It's funny. I had no plans to travel other than Drupalcon Denver this year and a family trip to Disneyland because the little one really does think it's the best place on Earth. Then I decided to ask Dries about Views in Core. Honestly, it's one of the scariest things I've done in years.

As a side effect, suddenly I'm travelling all over the place putting together sprints to ensure this thing gets done. I've already committed to a whole bunch, and am very close to committed to others. I am still looking for funding for some. Here is the Chaos World Tour list, as it stands:

  • May 18-20 Twin Cities Drupal Camp, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Already did this. Funded by Acquia!
  • Jun 14-18 Drupal Dev Days, Barcelona, Spain. Confirmed. Coming SOON. Holding a 4 day VDC sprint. Currently paying out of pocket; need funding for this expensive trip! xjm was funded by chx, so everybody thank him!
  • Jun 22-24 Drupaldelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Confirmed. Sponsored by Drupaldelphia! I'll be giving the keynote as well as holding a 1 day VDC sprint.
  • Jul 21-24 NY Drupal Camp, New York, New York. Probable. Sponsored by NY Drupal Camp. I'll likely be giving a keynote there as well as 2 days of VDC sprint.
  • Jul 26-30 Midwest Drupal Developer Summit, Madison, Wisconsin. 3 days of VDC sprint. Confirmed. Sponsored by MWDDS.
  • Aug 25-30 DrupalCon 2102 Munich, Munich, Germany. Unconfirmed. Sponsorship tentative. It seems likely this will happen, but everything is currently up in the air.
  • A potential sprint following DC Munich in France. No details, no confirmation, but want to mention it.
  • Sep ??-?? VDC Code Sprint in San Jose. Unconfirmed, unplanned, currently not sponsored. But I want one close to home.
  • Oct 20-22 Pacific Northwest Drupal Camp, Seattle, WA. Unconfirmed, currently not sponsored for anyone on the team.
  • Nov 1-4 Bay Area Drupal Camp, Berkeley, CA. Technically unconfirmed but 99.999% likely. Currently not sponsored (only need accommodations though).
  • Tentative December Sprint depending upon the state of things. Location, dates, sponsorship all TBD and not until September when we have a better idea of if it'll be needed.

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