Note: Slides from my presentation are posted at the end. If you don't care about the rest but want the slides, skip to that.

I have actually been in Boston since Friday morning, but a low level of burnout has kept me away from blogging for a bit. There has been a LOT going on lately with Views 2 and Panels 2 and the Drupal Association and there's definitely a lot of the whelming in the overwhelming.

Friday was largely a day of recover; we came in on a redeye. Our room wasn't ready (this is no surprise, we arrived at 6:30am and the regular checkin time is 3pm) but they gave us a smaller room to use until our room was ready. We'd signed up for a suite with a kitchenette -- and it's a nice thing to have since it allows us to better care for the whee one. It also has a foldout sofa so we're able to provide a place for Charlie Gordon to sleep.

After we'd slept a few hours we got our real room, then braved the cold and went to look for Legal Seafood. Google lied about its location and we had to wander a bit to find it, during which Lynette swore a bit because she was sure she had packed her hat but it was nowhere to be found. (Note: hats have since appeared thanks to her knitting prowess). We ate at Legal Seafood, which was awesome -- and turned out to be the first of 3 legal meals we'd have in our first two days here.

On Saturday we met up with chx and went to Legal again, because, hey, it was good the first time and we'd planned to eat there again at some point anyway. Later that evening we met up with Morten, christefano and a couple others...and ended up at Legal for the third time. Luckily all 3 meals were very tasty, so I didn't feel too bad about eating at the same place 3 times in a row, and I'd probably even eat there again as there are still items on the menu I'd be willing to try.

Sunday we met up with a whole host of people, including our non Drupal friends Karen and Jack. We went to Pho Pasteur which was decent (but not as good as our Pho Bang at home) but was a big win because the service was so fantastic. They were really really good to the Sprout, even going so far as to come out and feed her for us a little bit.

Finally, the day of the con arrived. While this con of 800 blows away any con we've previously had, it doesn't actually seem as big as it might because we're in a real convention center which is spacious...and there are other, larger cons going on next to us, so we lose a little bit of the size due to comparison.

That said, seeing 16 rows of 48 chairs lined up for Dries' keynote speech -- pretty much all full -- is pretty exciting.

We are very easily found at the con, since we're the ones with the stroller which alternately contains Sprout or our luggage -- which is plenty since we each have a laptop, plus the diaper bag, plus schwag bags. This has meant that I don't really have to go seeking people out, and as usual, people do find me.

The first session I went to was the usability report -- several key Drupal contributors went to a usability lab in Minnesota just prior to the con and provided a report of their findings. They found some issues that are easy enough to fix, though there is also some concern from my perspective that the evidence can be misinterpreted to change things in the wrong direction somewhat.

Following that was Dries' keynote speech, which was inspiring as usual, though I find myself dubious about his push for RDF and Sparql, particularly in the area of performance.

Then there was lunch which turned out to be a problem (but not for us as I realized just prior to lunch that there was not going to be enough time for 800 people to eat in an hour, so we headed toward the food court 10 minutes early. Good thing we did, too; the lines were already long from a nearby conference, and many, many DrupalCon goers found themselves missing much of the post-lunch session.

I attempted to attend the GHOP report session, but Sprout was very excitable so I had to take her outside and let her run around. She really loved the windows, which was nice as she was easily entertained that way.

I then gave my own session, and last night I uploaded the slides to slideshare, but it took them forever to process so they are only now available at -- the presentation went off well, though I could easily have used up a larger slot and gone into more detail about the UI for contexts and a few other places. Plus taking questions. The presentation was filmed (mfb ran the cameras) so I believe at some point the presentation will be available for all to view.

I missed the last session of the day to watch Sprout again, and the rest of the day included mingling, socializing, watching Sprout and eventually going to Penang with a group of 11 that included KarenS, dmitrig01, catch, BDragon, RobLoach and others.

Here are the slides from the presentation. The slides go better with notes, at least, but Kent Bye posted some notes on the lullabot blog, which might help. The demo site is


Hi Merlin,
Thanks for the slides. Watching these made me opt for Panels once and for all, instead of adding tons of regions in my template file. Panels 2 is nothing short of a total shake-up for displaying content in drupal. Add in Views 2 and CCK, and we can play 'till the end of days...

Hi Earl,

I had a great time playing cards and eating amazing food with you these past two days. I've stuck some of the pictures up:

My favourite one being:

See you today!

Great session Earl.
Those notes you mentioned at the end are located here. I had a bit of trouble following the smartqueue / subqueue portions of the nodequeue talk, and so feel free to clarify anything that I didn't capture well enough.

I was not able to attend DrupalCon, my boss didn't let me go. Although I really appreciate people posting the slides like on this page. Although I am missing a lot here. I couldn't understand much since the slides are at a highlevel and all details are in the sessions itself for people that attended. Oh well, I just have to attend these one day.

seocontest2008 wants to learn drupal

I believe all presentations were filmed and once they go through an editing process, they should be posted.

Hi Earl,

I couldn't attend the DrupalCon, but great you posted your slides!


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