Packt Publishing has recently been holding their annual CMS Awards which are determined by a combination of public voting and private judging. This year they introduced a new category, allowing community members from each CMS to vote for an "MVP" to honor those who the community believes should be recognized as providing the most valuable contributions to the project.

I can imagine that there were many choices in the voting, as we have a large community full of some very dedicated people who spend every day furthering the cause of Drupal, but at the end of the voting I was selected as Drupal's MVP, on the strength of the Views module combined with the other things I do. (Also mentioned here)

I am extremely honored to get this award, but I want to make sure that this does not diminish the hardworking contributions of dozens of others who make Drupal what it is. Everyone knows Dries Buytaert, of course, who has spent the last 7 or 8 years of his life making Drupal what it is and is looking to continue to do so as long as it remains viable. And everyone knows Angela Byron, AKA webchick, who was recently honored for her contributions and they are richly deserved! But there are also people like, and forgive me for dropping out an incomplete list, but Jeff Eaton, Karoly Negyesi, Derek Wright, Addison Berry, Greg Knaddison, Nathaniel Catchpole, Daniel Kudwien, Michelle Cox, Kieran Lal, Steven Peck, Gerhard Killesreiter, Narayan Newton and I could go on but I don't have all day to write this who are contributing a great deal of their time and energy into Drupal and their contributions are vital for the functioning of this ecosystem.

I'm honored to receive this award, but it's very important to remember that there isn't, really, a single Most Valuable Person in our community, but there are a lot of very valuable people in this community. I thank everyone who voted for me, and I thank everyone in the community who have made the way of life I currently lead even possible. Drupal is built upon the strength of this community, and I'm proud to be a part of it.


Congratulations. Well deserved.

Your contributions are crucial for Drupal.


A very well-deserved congratulations! True, Drupal is more a product of its community than any other OS CMS I can think of. However, Views, panels, nodequeue, advanced help, and the d6 theming system improvements are definitely worthy of special recognition. I dare any cms, OS or not, to even approach the flexibility that views/panels/nodequeue provides-- all without touching a line of code. Amazing, amazing stuff.

Congrats again!

I haven't used views that much until recently, but during the past few months I was thrilled quite often with the features views offers knowing that I only touched the surface so far. Drupal wouldn't be what it is without the work of lots of people and it would certainly not be what it is without views. Congrats and thanks for your awesome contributions.

Congratulations. You do indeed stand out.

...and they didn't even mention how much you help out in the forums! ;)

congratulations, you deserve it.

rajesh ,
pune, india

There could have been a glitch in the voting mechanism?

(I hope you lot understand British humour otherwise I'm a dead man!)

Roughly translated as "Fantastic! Well done!"

If code truly was gold, the effort you put in would equate to everybody being stinking rich. Everyone benefits thanks to you. Thank you and congratulations!

Views is a heroic effort that significantly contributes to Drupal's success. With the release of Views2 for Drupal 6, this award is timely, and really well-deserved. Keep up the good work, Earl!

Congratulations Earl!

Views has become such an integral part of Drupal that if it did not exist, Drupal would not have been quite as popular as it is today. So the award to you is totally well deserved and thank you for your hard work.

I'm sure the Drupal community is proud to have you along side all other talents you have mentioned in this post.

One of the great things about Drupal is that there really are so many "Valuable People" involved in all aspects of the project, and most of them really are deep down that humble. :-)

Fortunately, the rest of us can be proud for them. Awesome work, Merlin! Truly you are a wizard. :-)

I'm glad to see your efforts being recognized. Heartfelt congratulations to you.


I think like Martijn!

You're just amazing!

Congratulations Earl, you really deserve this. IMO, in the past couple of years none beats you when it comes to contributing to Drupal.

Great work merlinofchaos!

You, along with the other people you've stated in your post did really bring drupal to the next level of CMS

You rock !!!!
Drupal rocks

Best Regards

Sylvain Moreau from Paris

Once more, a great THANK YOU! with a free beer if you just happen to come to Buenos Aires. :-)

Even not counting the rest, just Views makes it worth.

Best regards...


once again..great really deserve it!
best regards!

Congratulations, Merlinofchaos! Glad to see you getting some recognition for your efforts!

I know that personally, I would not be involved with the Drupal community without your early help - not just for the handy modules, but for your easy forgiveness of maddening noob mistakes. Thanks for everything, and I can't wait to see what handy module you invent next. :D


Earl, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

As a new user of Drupal, including the oh-so-lovely Views, I can only hope you've got more gems up your sleeve! Thanks for your hard work and this brilliant module!

cut the humble stuffs, u deserve this award and if I could, I would build u a solid gold statue

unfortunately there's no views module for building statues so.... :P

Views module helps many developer times because we don't need to speed hours to supply our customer with any reports they need.
Just install Views in minute and teach your customer how to use it then they can make hundred to thousand reports instantly! Amazing!

Big thanks for all you have done, well deserved, infact YOU DA MAN!!

A lot of folks have made huge contributions to Drupal, and it is truly a community effort. Your particular efforts have played a critical role in taking Drupal from what it was -- a great framework for developers -- and turning it into a tool that can produce amazing results for everyone.

Well at least everyone who reads the manual...

Thank you.

I'm pretty new to Drupal and spent many a long search trying to learn and do Drupal things.
You seriously are the one guy I see everywhere, making fantastic modules, helping lost souls no matter how stupid their questions are, and providing really great advice in a helpful and pleasant way.
Even cool and polite to super angry frustrated rude people.
That is a mark of a solid fella.

Totally deserved award and an example of how to act to all of the Drupal community.

Thanks for making my baptism of fire into Drupal a much warmer experience.

You seriously are the one guy I see everywhere, making fantastic modules, helping lost souls no matter how stupid their questions are, and providing really great advice in a helpful and pleasant way.
Even cool and polite to super angry frustrated rude people.

Are you sure you're talking about me?! I know quite a few people who'd disagree with the assertion that I'm always cool and polite. =)

Very very thanks for develop drupal modules.

Everyone who uses Drupal already knows how valuable you are. Everyday we benefit from your contributions. Thanks for all you do and I am glad that now people outside the Drupal community know how valuable you are.

Congratulations Earl! You deserve the recognition you get and much more!

Its an honor indeed for yourself and the community.
All the best !

Bangalore, India

Congratulations, you really deserve this!

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations.

And a BIG THANK YOU for all your work invested in Drupal.

You certainly deserve it!

Drupal is a great system, no doubt about that.

However I wouldn't be using it unless it had views, among a few other modules. It's to bleeding complicated and time consuming for a lone (gunman) developer like me to dive into, when you have a half a dozen other projects that require your attention.

Something has to make it worthwhile and views is one of those things.

So congratulations yet again.

Earl, I think you are too modest. You are one of the best Drupal contributors and it's no surprise that Views is extremely popular. Kudos to you and best wishes for your family!

congratulations, that is a great recognition for your efforts bringing together people to collaborate. thanks for all your hard work :)

It was a pleasure to meet you at BADCamp this year... congrats!

Your contributions to the drupal community are mind blowing to me. Views, Panels, Nodequeue, ... need I say more? The face of drupal would be very different if it weren't for these amazing components.

Thanks a ton for being so bad ass at what you do, and for embracing the open source philosophy.

Your success with Drupal is well deserved given your contribution and insight. I still have not come completely along with Drupal from WP, but it is people like you that help newcomers like me figure it out post haste. Way to go and keep up the good work for all of us!

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