Thanks very much to catch and Wim Leers for writing this:

Panels 2 beta ships with two new modules dealing with Views: panels_views and panels_views_legacy.

In alpha versions of Panels 2 (and in Panels 1.x), all views were automatically available as content for panels - and there were a relatively complex set of settings in the "add content" form to add a view (arguments, type, read more link, all that stuff).

The panels_views module changes this. Instead of all views automatically showing up, you go to admin/panels/views - and for each view you want to make available, you set up how it will be presented in the panels interface, plus defaults. This simplifies the panels interface itself (meaning that admins, editors or whoever can much more easily add views to their panels without all those complex options muddying the form) - but means more initial work before any view can be added. Don't forget to give yourself the additional permissions this module creates if you're not logged on as user/1!

If you already have panels from a previous version set up with views and simply run update.php, ALL OF YOUR VIEWS WILL DISAPPEAR FROM YOUR PANELS - unless you enable the panels_views_legacy module. This module simply allows you to add views in exactly the same way as you could in alpha, and will leave all your current panels intact. So if your panels are all broken, and you've arrived here, just enable the module and take a deep breath.

Also note that you can have both modules enabled at the same time - this will keep your old panel setups intact while you configure your views for the new method. As you configure your panels_views, unless you change the defaults when configuring them they will show up in the add content form with exactly the same name appearing as a duplicate. If you have a large number of views it may be worth changing the title or description in order to differentiate during this process.


Just wanted to say you're doing a wicked job on Panels! Keep it up!


this is the coolest module ever.


why are you such a genius?

... I don't quite follow, "...set up how it will be presented in the panels interface, plus defaults".

When I look in the views config, the only place I see panels mentioned is in "View Type" ... and I'm logged in as user/1. For example, I have an existing "Table View" view type that I want available as content within a panel and there's nothing I can see that seems to be related.

Panels 1, Steve 0

Not the views config, but a special menu under admin >> panels >> views (which is only there when the panels_views (view panes) module is enabled).

... and come back to this. I see where you mean now (thanks!), but when I create a panel view, it's still not showing up as an option when I look for it in a panel's content options.

I'll come back to it later ... armed with more caffeine ... thanks again though.

I can only associate with the others: You did a very good job!

Hello. I need a tutorial on how to use this module.
I am new to Drupal and not get information about how it works
Thank you

I used to think Panels 1 was great but the improvements you've made with Panels 2 is unbelievable! Views and Panels are by far the most powerful modules I've used.

I can only associate with the others: You did a very good job!

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